Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Salty pig

So tonight Kim had to work in the city.  I thought it'd be nice to meet her at one of our favorite places we enjoyed prior to Scotty living  in the Big City - imagine the horror of having to be away from her and the city!  I came home from work and jumped on the T to Copley.
I got to the rendezvous (the Salty Pig) a little early - so I secured a seat at the bar and Kimmy arrived soon after...
We got ourselves a cheese plate - we always struggle with what to get so Kim came up with the genius idea of taking a photo of the menu and highlighting those cheeses we like - see above.  Questions about cheese - answered!
Something about the mustard at this place - I don't know what it is but it clears the sinuses in seconds and is absolutely delicious.  I can't wait to go again!

This place is a favorite of ours and you should definitely check it out.  They even give you a book to draw pictures in while you check out!  See my picture above - which you think we would choose as our favorite pig?!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tree Lighting Extravaganza

Kim and I decided to check out the tree lighting at Faneuil Hall on Saturday night.  We took the B-Line from our apartment at 3 pm.  We ended up at Government Center at 3:30 and decided to grab a couple drinks and a snack at Mija in Faneuil Hall.  At that time the crowd was relatively minimal - but the festive spirit was in the air.  I think this may have been due to the weather - man, it was cold!!!!
After our snack at Mija, Kim and I walked around Faneuil and quickly noticed the crowd situation began to pick up.  Now is the time to take note - if you see a bar with a sectioned off outside area that is right in front of the tree to be lit - take advantage of it!  Thus, a kudos is in order to Ames Plow and Tavern - the sectioned off area also offered hot and cold drinks - helllllllllo holiday spirits!
As you can see in the above picture, as the hours progressed the situation outside of the bar turned into a huge traffic jam of people.  People started to try to use the bar as the cut through, but the staff (already frustrated with the amount of minors trying to play stupid by saying, "going through the bar area was our only way through" began to make a "human chain" and stopped them from coming through. They were great and really catered to those trying to enjoy the tree lighting.  
When the trees were lit by the great Mayor Menino, the lights of the surrounding trees and the main tree itself displayed in harmonic symphony of the music being played.  The addition of paper snow being shot into the sky throughout the lighting really added to the whole experience.  Hats off to the City of Boston for pulling off a fantastic event!

Remember,the Holidays are a time for being thankful and having an open heart.  We should all carry that thought in mind.  If we do, the Holidays will be fulfilling and heart felt and the spirit will carry on for us all through the season!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What is this all about?

Welcome to the Adventures of Scotty in the Big City! 

Scott and I have been dating for a few years, and the draw of the city lights were too much for him to resist. He joined me in Boston this fall, and is quickly becoming acclimated to city life. 


Some of the early adventures include: parallel parking, tackling the T, navigating Boston traffic, and claiming a local watering hole. Spoiler alert, it's Harry's!